About our Founder

It was just an ordinary morning and Amanuel G/tsadkan and few of his friends were having coffee at an ordinary coffee shop. It would later be a moment for the founding of Keradion Elders Support Association when an old poorly woman would beg them for an alms. They were all preoccupied with some sort of a business talk and didn’t give the beggar lady much of an attention. They nodded politely and the poor old women left the coffee shop on her way in search of her daily bread. However, the young friends who were priority thinking of helping elders, having come from a spiritually christian influenced community, were horror stricken when they saw the old lady lying on the ground. They guessed that she could have been starved or sick as they saw her on the ground unconscious losing control of herself.
Even though, Amanuel priority had the intention of helping elders who had no one to support them, he and his friends who loved the idea had no clue on how to help the people who needed it most, until an opportunity would show up, as if it was destined to be. They all hurtled out of the coffee shop and helped the poor lady to her feet. They would grab a taxi and take the old lady to hospital. They covered all her medical expenses and got her treated right away. They weren’t too late that they managed to save her life. Thus, it was that sad small incident that would later become the corner stone for the foundation of the association that now has four functional projects that supports hundreds of elders, women, children and people suffering from chronic illnesses.
Right after they helped the elderly beggar, Amanuel and his friends decided to issue a ticket and sell it to the public as a support for helpless elders. People would also respond positively that the charity fund, 4,000 birr plus the 6,000 birr Amanuel paid to pay for a cattle would become a lunch treat for 280 elders and 49 children on Eastern holiday. After he talked with his friends, they went to talk to officials at Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (BOLSA), who would be willing to cooperate. They suggested 70 elders who needed taking care of and Keradion Elders Support Association recruited 50 of them who were under worst conditions. Thus Amanuel G/tsadkan would have founded a pioneer organization that gives back to the community that supports it.