Ba’elna Nba’elna (We have eachother)

Located at Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (main branch), is a project found in December 25 of 2013 E.C and ever since has been working under a theme and purpose that “We have each other”, by providing bread and tea for breakfast every morning. Right after the irruption of the war, the project started out with package provision for house hold of 2500 ETB and 1250 ETB (half package) accordingly to the size of the family. On the top of this it has been making irregular donations of food items, cash, and material support since war was a time chaos rather than order. In September 2004 this same project breakfast for 300 of lactating mothers, elders people with disability and children. At this time most of the number is comprised of children who are mainly street children, IDPs and children still living with their children and whose family couldn’t afford a decent meal every day. These children on the top of feeding program, they have also been receiving hygiene and medical supplies and services.

However, this hasn’t been nearly enough to address the challenges our people are faced with; therefore, our association decided to expand its projects further more.