Keradion Community

Our organization has been trying to reach out for those who have gruesomely in the most atrocious war in Tigray, including victims displaced from their homes. We have done most of our charitable acts and work by collecting fund from within the community itself and outside the community, thus making us community based charity organization.

As the situation in Ethiopia’s politics escalated and grew in to a full-fledged war. KESA has been trying to help many tigrians who have been victims to the war more than ever.  In the past year alone our association has made a support of more than 12,000,000 (twelve million) ETB to those who were in dire need by making an organized work and assessment of those who are in desperate situation.  All this work was done by voluntarily affiliated members of the association who believed, “community is before self!” as is the mission at hand to Keradion.

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