Start Changing Lives

Children in Tigray have gone what no child must go through. They have seen what no child must see because of the war that went on for two years and blockade whose effects don’t seem to be fading any time sooner. However, not only are children the only ones that are most vulnerable and susceptible victims of the two year, most intense war, but also women whose husbands went to war leaving them behind with children and elders abandoned through the chaos from the war. Keradion humanitarian association found by a young man called Amanuel GebreTsadkan and young affiliated members who shared his vision, to whom above all else the social crises was visible and who found purpose in saving those who had no one to help, had to be there for them when everyone else looked for one’s own survival. Thus Keradion humanitarian association rooted in the heart of the war torn region of Tigray, Ethiopia, would here by like to invite everyone who are deeply concerned and cares enough to work in saving victims of war in Tigray, there by humanity as a whole. You can be registered as a member donor paying only $10 and can sponsor a single child covering all expense the child will need to survive, paying $50 per month.

Be the first to engrave your good deed in the heart of humanity with your support in making victims make it through everyday tragedy of war.
Call +251938805783/ +2519777770

You can donate any time through our Ethiopian Commercial Bank account/1000187812837